I love free internet on a cruise ship!

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Okay so they still haven’t fixed the problem! Any ways here are the photos from the past 2 days. Thanks to everyone reading. This has been an amazing trip so far! We are loving every minute of it. Amy and I have had a chance to reconnect and refresh. I love her more than anything. Thanks for sharing this amazing time with me babe! Love you all! Catch you on the flip side…
Day 9 At sea:

Day 10 Huatulco, Mexico:

Sorry about the lack of updates I’ve been a little busy.

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Things have been a bit busy the past few days. We crossed back over to the pacific and we made a quick stop in Costa Rica. Tomorrow we start the first of 3 stops in Mexico. Here are some gallery’s from the past few days. I’ll try to get on again in a few days. See you later everyone.

Day 6 We transited the Panama Canal. (Notice there are 2 gallery’s Part’s 1 and 2)

Part 1: Transiting the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal:

Part 2: Transiting the Pacific side of the Panama Canal:

Day 7 Was just a leisurely day at sea:

Day 8 We visited Puntarenas, Costa Rica:

I’m alive and blogging from the Columbian/Panama Coast…

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Well it is just about to be Day 6 of our trip. Somehow I am getting free internet on the ship and I’m not being charged for it and the ship people know…Yes!!! So I will be blogging now that I have this new information. Anyways here are some photos from the last few days… (Click on the first image to open the picture viewer)

These are from our first day on the ship The Radiance of the seas

Day 2 Amy and I did a little more exploring

Day 3 still more exploring since we were still at sea

Day 4 we docked in Cartagena, Columbia (Check out the guy with the sloth)

Tomorrow we hit one of the highlights of the trip for the 2 of us, the Panama Canal. Amazing feat of modern engineering. I will be up at 6:00am (4am PST) to see us enter the first part of the canal and the process last approx. 9 hours. You can go to http://www.pancanal.com and see live shots from the canal. Look for the Radiance of the seas. We should be hitting the first set of locks around 5:30 AM PST and the 2nd set sometime around noon or 1 PST. Check it out. Love you all we’re having a great time. Leave some comments and let me know what you want to see more of.

Let’s See if this Works

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Maybe we can get this gallery thing to work. This is from yesterday (4-19-08) when we finally got to our hotel in Florida. This is me on 6 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours. Ouch! Let’s see…

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace